How to Harvest and make Apple Blossom Tea

Learn how to Harvest and Make Apple Blossom tea. A fresh and revitalising tea with countless benefits for your body and skin.

Apple Blossom Herbal tea

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The Benefits of Apple Blossom Tea

  • Apple Blossom tea can aid digestion
  • Soothing, helpful as a stress reliever
  • Promotes clear skin and a radiant complexion by clearing acne and lightening pigmentation.
  • Helps to reduce fatty build-up and revitalises the blood.

Apple Blossom Herbal tea

What does Apple Blossom Tea taste like?

Apple Blossom Tea has a slightly bitter taste and fresh sweet aftertaste. To add some extra sweetness, stir in some Honey. For an enhanced floral blend, mix with Jasmine or Rose tea.

Apple Blossom Herbal tea

When to Harvest Apple Blossoms for Tea

Apple blossoms are produced in spring simultaneously with the budding of the leaves. When your apple tree is in full bloom, harvest the Apple Blossoms in the morning when the flowers are at their peak Colour and are firm.

* The Apple Tree Blossoms need to be pollinated in order for the tree to produce Apples. If you pick all the Apple Blossoms, you won’t get any apples that growing season, so only take what you need, never pick them all.

Apple Blossom flowers

How to Prepare Apple Blossoms for Tea

Collect fresh Apple Blossoms and Dry them. This can be done in 2 ways.

  • Lay the blossoms on Brown paper or Newspaper and air dry in a sheltered spot out of direct sunlight for 5-7 days
  • Pop in a Dehydrator on the lowest heat setting for around 12 hours

Dried Apple Blossoms

How to make Apple Blossom Tea

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Steep dried Apple Blossoms in Hot water for 4-5 minutes. You can do this by using a Tea Ball, Tea strainer, or simply allow the blossoms to rest in the water for a few minutes and scoop them out with a strainer spoon.

Apple Blossom Herbal tea

What to add to Apple Blossom Tea?

Here are some extra flavour ideas for Apple Blossom Tea

  • A Teaspoon of Honey
  • A Teaspoon of Sugar
  • A pinch of Cinnamon
  • A drop of Lemon Juice
  • A dash of Vanilla Extract

Apple Blossom Herbal tea

How long Will Apple Blossom Tea Keep?

Store Apple Blossom Tea in an airtight container for up to 1 year.

Other Uses for Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms are highly aromatic with a sweet and floral flavour, making them ideal for culinary uses. The blooms can be placed whole on cakes or appetisers to create a beautiful garnish. Petals can be scattered to add texture, flavour, and visual appeal to salads and other dishes. The blooms can also be pressed into cheeses, and added to baked goods such as bread and biscuits.

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