How to make a Corn Tassel Wreath

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This Corn Tassel Wreath is an excellent way to repurpose spent Corn Tassels. This rustic farmhouse style wreath is easy to make, cost efficient and incredibly beautiful!

Corn Tassel Wreath DIY

Every year I grow Corn on my Allotment plot, and every year after the harvest, I pull out the plants and dump them on the compost heap, tassels and all. While I enjoy making my own compost, I often wondered if I Could Make use of these Statuesque plants after the harvest. I thought about what I could create from the plant, instead of allowing them to decay.

Corn Silk braided
Braided Corn Silk

Yes, I also like to braid the Corn Silks too! Corn plants have so many possibilities, with all their different elements, stems, leaves, Tassels, Silks, Corn Sheaths, it is a plant that simply feeds my creativity. This year after the Harvest, I gave myself the challenge of creating something from the Tassels. This is what I Came up with.

What are corn Tassels?

Strawberry Corn Tassels
Strawberry Corn Tassels

Corn Tassels are found on the top of the Corn Plant, the Tassels represent the male part of the flower, while the silk (the hair like strands) represent the female part. The Corn Tassel is where the Pollen comes from, when the pollen falls from the tassel onto the Silk below, pollination occurs, this in turn allows the ear of corn to grow, producing those delightful yellow cobs we all love!

So now we know where to locate the Tassel, when should you pick it for the Corn Tassel Christmas wreath? After the Harvest, leave on the plant until you have picked the corn.

Should you dry the Tassels? Yes, I simply placed mine upright in a jar out of direct sunlight, or you could hang them to dry with twine.

How To Make A Corn Tassel Wreath

All the live Materials in this Wreath were homegrown, picked from my Allotment plot at the end of the season. The wreath Consists of 4 floral elements, Corn Tassels, Lavender, Verbena, and some Foraged Lawsons Cypress Hedging (Check out my DIY Table top Christmas Tree, made from Cyprus Branches)

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Corn Tassels

Dried Lavender Sprigs

Dried Lavender Foliage

Dried Verbena

Cypress Hedging

10 inch Wire Wreath (cheaper to buy in sets of 5)– Works out at 84p each

Florist Wire – My favourite Florist wire, sturdy but still easy to cut and twist

Hessian Fabric, cut into a large ribbon like strip (around 60cm in Length, 5-6 cm wide). You can of course use Hessian Ribbon instead, I prefer to buy fabric and cut it myself, its cheaper, and I can control the chunkiness of my Bow!

Instructions (Instruction Video at the end of the post)

Dry out all the floral elements, by hanging to dry or stand them upright in Jars out of direct sunlight

  • First make 8 small bunches.
  • Combine 2 corn Tassels, 2-3 stems of Verbena and a handful of Lavender stems and or Lavender Foliage, tie together and set aside.
  • Tie the long piece of Hessian to the wire before you start attaching the bunches (this is for the bow )
  • Next, attach each bunch to the wire wreath with florist wire at an angle, see picture below ( also see the demonstration video at the end of the post). Make sure each consecutive bunch, slightly overlaps the previous bunch for a seamless finish.
  • Once you have covered the entire wreath, fix some Cypress branches to the top left curve, then tie a bow with the Hessian Strip (see instruction video at the end of the post)
  • Finally, Hang it up and enjoy!

Why you’ll love this Wreath!

Budget Friendly– The Only Cost to me was the Wire Wreath and the Florist Wire. The hessian was leftover from a previous project. Total cost 90p!

One of a kind!– Yep, you wont find this in the shops, completely unique to you and your home.

A great way to repurpose– Not all end of Season Growth has to go on the compost heap, its a lovely way to create something pretty at the end of the harvest

Not Just for Christmas! -I made this especially for the festive season, to hang in my dining room, however, this can be hung up all year long, a beautiful reminder of the last harvest of 2022.

The Willy Wonka Gobstopper of Wreaths! – This baby’s everlasting!-Hang indoors away from the elements and direct sunlight. Treated well, this wreath will grace your wall for years.

Before you Go check out the Instruction Video Below

Did you Make This Wreath? If so, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Did you take a Picture? Great! Tag me on Instagram, I love to share your Creations on my Stories!



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