How To Make A DIY Smudge Stick For Clearing Bad Energy And Calming The Mind

Who wouldn’t love some good energy in their home? Burning Smudge sticks is a wonderful ancient practice that invites good energy into the home and dispels all the bad. It also has a vast array of benefits beyond the Home! Read on to find out how Smudging is good for the mind, body and soul…

Feel the Calm

I like to honour the end of Summer each year by gathering all my herbs and flowers and creating fabulous Herb Wands that can heal and cleanse….Let me tell you! Just the process of making smudge sticks is an incredibly calming experience! You are completely engulfed in the scents of summer! All those wonderful herby aromas paired with the feel of the foliage is a very relaxing process and I look forward to it every year. Its very grounding and incredibly theraputic.

What is the history behind smudging?

Indigenous people have been burning sage and other herbs for centuries! They believed this spiritual ritual could cleanse and purify a person or space and promote wisdom and healing…but they weren’t the first to realise the power of burning herbs.

The practice of burning resins and fragrant herbs has been around for thousands of years! Incense burners for example date back to Egypt’s 5th dynasty, 4500 years ago. Different cultures and religions have their own individual practice, here are just a few… 

The Celts performed a ritual called ‘Saining’ which involved burning Juniper and sprinkling it with river water in order to bless and protect a person or home.

Amazonian tribes still to this day burn Palo Santo wood as a part of shamaic rituals for the purpose of healing.

The Egyptians and Romans burned herbs to treat digestive issues, memory problems and sore throats.

Catholics burn frankincense and myrrh in church, a practice that dates back to the Old Testament. It is done to remind the congregation of the presence of god, adds a feeling of solemnity and represents a link between heaven and earth.

What is in A smudge Stick?

Smudging of today otherwise known as ‘smoke cleansing’ is mostly associated with Native American traditions. Following their lead- Sage, Cedar, Yarrow, Rose, Rosemary, Lavender and Eucalyptus are the most common elements in smudge sticks.

Whats In My Smudge Stick?

Smudge sticks are what you make them! For me the base herb is mostly Sage and then I like to add different elements depending on the purpose or ailment I intend to use the smudge stick for. My Summer Smudge Sticks contain 4 elements, Sage, Fennel Flowers, Chamomile and Nasturtium. Why did I choose these particular plants? Let Me explain…

DIY smudge stick

1. Sage

Sage helps to get rid of negative energy and restore harmony in a new home or just renew and refresh your current space. It can also help…

  • Repel insects.
  • Remove bacteria from the air.
  • Improve intuition.
  • Improve your mood and reduce anxiety and stress

In Summary, Sage helps to achieve a healing state, a spring clean of the home and mind .

2. Fennel Blooms

Fennel promotes clarity and helps to quiet the mind. It is said to focus on the meaning of self and help you to focus on your lifes goals.

Fennel is also said to be very helpful in protecting the home from evil and the spirits of the dead– A useful herb for those with haunted houses!

3. Chamomile

Chamomile is all about purification, peace and protection…who doesnt need a bucket load of that?! Great for promoting a restful sleep and a calm body

4. Nasturtium

Nasturtium represents balance, it promotes a stabilising influence on internal and external battles and encourages warmth, vitality and understanding into your life

With these 4 elements you could take on the world!

Its just a little plant Magic!

Not everybody will believe in this practice, some may consider it nonsence and illogical, lacking science and reason! And thats ok!

It is the illogical things that give life a little mystery, I dont know about you, but a life where absolutely everything makes sense…would be a dull one indeed! I need the mystery and the magic!

All I know is how it feels …and it feels good! If you feel its working, then its working! Besides… thousands of years of practice cant be wrong! Those Egyptians and Native Americans were right on the money if you ask me!

I think we could all do with a little extra help ridding our lives from negativity. The 21st century seems to dump out negative energy for fun, look at the past 3 years ! Jeez, I feel like I should be smudging every day! Its all about belief!

How To Make A Diy smudge stick

What you’ll need:

  • Sage Sprigs
  • Fennel flowers and stems
  • Chamomile flowers and stems
  • Nasturtium Flower Heads
  • Cotton string or twine
  • Scissors


  • Step 1: Gather bunches of Sage, Fennel and Chamomile. Hang them to dry in a dark, dry environment for 1-2 weeks.

  • Step 2: Layer the dried foliage on top of each other, a few sprigs of Sage, then Fennel and Chamomile. Place some fresh Nasturtium Blooms on top. Trim the bundle on each end to get rid of any straggly bits.

DIY smudge stick

  • Step 3: Using the twine begin to bind and wrap around the bundle. Tie a knot and cut away any loose twine.

**I like to let the Smudge sticks rest for a couple more weeks before burning, to ensure they are thoroughly dried out

Smudge stick


  • Make sure to use a heat-proof bowl to hold your smudge stick. 
  • Once you’re ready , light the end of the smudge stick until it starts to smoke. Let it burn for a few seconds- the flame should go out on its own, leaving a smouldered edge.
  • At this point you can leave it in the bowl for a few minutes to smoke or you can carry it around your house room to room wafting the smoke with your hands as you go.

DIY smudge stick

The Traditional Spritual Method of Smudging

  • Make sure to use a heat-proof bowl to hold your smudge stick. 
  • Once you’re ready , light the end of the smudge stick until it starts to smoke. Let it burn for a few seconds- the flame should go out on its own, leaving a smouldered edge.
  • Then cleanse your hands with the smoke as if you were washing our hands. 
  • Then draw the smoke over your head head and body. This action helps to purify our thoughts and actions
  • Leave it in the bowl to smoke for a few minutes or you can carry it around your house room to room wafting the smoke with your hands as you go.

Do you burn the whole smudge stick?

No, you don’t need to burn the whole sage stick, just a few minutes of smoke will suffice to cleanse a space or mind. A Smudge stick can be used several times. Just make sure it is completely out before storing.

DIY smudge stick

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