How To Make Beautiful Herbal Scented Bags That Repel Moths And Spiders!

Infuse your drawers and wardrobes with a homemade herbal bag filled with homegrown herbs and scented flowers! A divine combination of Vanilla, Orange, Rosemary, Lavender and Sage…just heavenly! Not Just For Drawers and wardrobes! Pop them in your car, take them to your Office…you could even place them in your shoes, or your husbands shoes ;o) to keep them smelling floral fresh and bug free!

Homemade Herbal Scented Bags

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Why My Homemade Scented Bags Are So Wonderful!

  • Safe and easy room filling scent
  • Moth and Spider Repellant! That’s Right! Keep the pests away!! (more on that in a moment)
  • No flame, no liquid, just a beautiful fragrance
  • Perfect for gifting to friends or family

Homemade Moth And Spider Repellant!

You heard me right! Yes, these little bags do more than just freshen the air! Did You know that Moths and Spiders are Repelled by certain Scents? They cannot stand the strong fragrance of Rosemary, Lavender and Citrus!

These scents will not kill the little critters but they will create a floral environment they cant tolerate! WIN WIN!

What Do Moths Do To Clothes?

Moths lay their eggs on clothes and the larvae that hatch from the eggs then spin silk webbing into a tunnel across the material. They then begin to eat the fibres in the material, which in turn causes holes in your clothes! They are a danger to fashion! And they must be repelled!

Simply Hang These Scented bags in Your Wardrobe and discourage them from visiting in the first place!

Herbal Scented Bags

Hideaway Spiders

Ok, I have a bit of a problem with spiders! Not the tiny money spiders or even the Daddy long legs! I’m fine with both of those…they dont phase me! But the huge spiders…you know the ones with the fat hairy butts that look like their going to charge! …Those ones, I take issue with them! I swear I heard one breathing once! And I’m 100% certain it whispered my name! ;o) I didn’t stop to ask..I ran out of there sharpish!

Yep! I don’t like spiders– which is an issue, because I come across them every day whilst gardening! Which I can live with, I know what to expect…after all, i’m in their domain!

But Spiders in my House ! on my Clothes, in my shoes! Hell No…I can’t Have it ! I am not one to introduce unnecessary chemicals into my home-like the ones found in many shop bought pest repellants, so these Herbal Pouches are a perfect compromise, they are non toxic, they smell good! and importantly…do the job!

**Top Tip- Ever turned your wellies upside down and shook them to check for spiders? Fixed it for you!…Pop one of these bags in each boot to keep your wellies spider free!

Make Them Last!

Worried about the bags Losing their Scent? After a time the strong scent of dried herbs and flowers can of course fade. Simply add a few drops of essential oils to each pouch to re-scent them. You could Use one of these…

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How To Make Herbal Scented Bags

Learning how to make Homemade air fresheners for the home couldn’t be easier! All of the herbs and flowers I used were picked from my garden, but they can also be bought online easily enough too.

What You’ll Need

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  • Dried Rosemary
  • Dried Sage
  • Dried sage Flowers
  • Dried Mexican Orange Blossoms (you could also use dried Grated Orange rind) or Orange essential oil
  • Dried Yellow Pansies (yellow pansies have the strongest perfumed scent)
  • Dried Clematis Flowers (they have a gorgeous Vanilla Scent)
  • 220g Lavender Bath Salts

Dried Herb Bag
Freshly Picked Herbs and Flowers


1. First Gather all your sprigs of herbs and flowers and lay them flat on brown paper or newspaper. Place them in a dry environment out of direct sunlight and allow them to dry completely for about 1 week. Alternatively- pop them in a dehydrator on the lowest heat setting for 12 hours

Herbal Scented Bags
Dried Herbs and Flowers

2. Strip the dried Rosemary, sage leaves and sage flowers from the stems and discard the stems

3. Place all the dried herbs, flowers and bath salts in a food processor and whizz for a few seconds until it becomes confetti like * Dont pulse for too long we don’t want the salt too powdery. If you don’t have a Food Processor you could use a pestle and Mortar instead

Herbal Scented Bags

Floral Pest Repellant

4. Spoon the mixture into Muslin drawstring Bags and tie a knot in the top to secure.

Herbal Pest Repellant

5. Finish off by attaching a sprig of Rosemary with some natural twine

Herbal Pest Repellant

Alternative Ingredients

Other Herbs You Could include…

Other Flowers you could include…

  • Rose Petals
  • Gardenia
  • Honeysuckle
  • Jasmine

How Long Will The scent last

I would say, they are good for around 4-6 months! Just re-scent with an essential oil of your choice, I recommend one of these…

A wonderful Homemade Gift Idea!

These Herbal Bags are a Fabulous homemade gift idea! Gift them to friends and family or offer them as thank you gifts for party/wedding guests! I always love receiving a Homemade gift! Knowing Someone has created something especially for you, is both very touching and thoughtful!

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