How To Make Rosemary Water For Dry Scalp and Hair Growth

Rosemary Water is a wonderful tonic for stimulating hair growth and caring for your scalp. Do you long for thicker hair? Or do you simply want to fix a dry and Itchy scalp? My 2 Ingredient Rosemary water could not be easier to make! Read on to find out how to make it and 5 ways it can help your head!

How to Make Rosemary Water

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Nature Provides!

Good old mother nature …always there when you need her! One of her most useful creations is without doubt, Rosemary! Rosemary is such a beautiful herb with so many uses! Mostly used in cooking, but also a common healing ingredient for Skincare and haircare products. Today I will map out all the benefits of Rosemary and why it’s so good for your hair and Scalp.

The First Rosemary Plant In England

It is believed that Rosemary was grown in England for the first time in 1338! Cuttings were sent to Queen Philippa by her mother, Countess Joan of Hainault from Holland. The cuttings were planted in the garden of the old palace of Westminster and was later documented in English Herbal Texts. It wasn’t long before word spread of the benefits and virtues of Rosemary!

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4 Wonderful Rosemary Water Benefits

Rosemary Water has been used for Centuries as a treatment for hair loss and dry scalp, our ancestors were really on to something! We however, have been a little slow to realise it…until now! I’m here to spread the Word! Studies suggest that both the amount of hair and the rate of hair growth may increase when Rosemary Water is applied regularly.

1. Overall Hair Health-Those that have used Rosemary Water have reported seeing improved hair growth, thickness, reduced Frizz, and improved shine and a noticeable improvement in Scalp Health

2. Hydrating-Rosemary Water has wonderful Hydrating capabilities, by adding antibacterial properties to the scalp it can help to relieve annoying itchiness, prevent dandruff and correct dry skin

3. Suffering With an Oily Scalp? – Rosemary water Includes tannins, saponins, and pH-balancing effects. A perfect tonic for Oily scalp issues

4. Age Related Scalp Inflammation – is a known contributor to Hair loss – Rosemary Water has a wide spectrum of potent antioxidants including carnosic acid, ursolic acid, rosmarinic acid and caffeic acid. All helping toward scalp health and hair growth

5. Helps Strengthen and Protect Hair From Damage– Our hair is often susceptible to heat damage, UV damage and Pollution. Rosemary Water to the rescue! Potent antioxidants, like the ones found in Rosemary Water can help to protect against that

What Does Rosemary Water Actually Do To The Hair And Scalp?

Need a little more Info? Studies have shown that Rosemary Water when applied to the scalp causes a natural reaction…The oils extracted from rosemary leaves , that are now in the water, penetrate the scalp and improve not only the surface of the scalp but absorb into root shafts too! It is believed that Rosemary Oils stimulate blood flow and bring fresh oxygen to the scalp, thereby creating a perfect environment for new hair to grow.

Whatever the Reason why Rosemary Water Works, all I know is that my hair feels much healthier, Stronger, thicker and shinier after using it. Maybe it’s just Earth magic! Who Knows?

Good For all Hair Types!

The other Wonderful thing about Rosemary water is that its suitable for all hair types and can be used as often as you’d like! A completely Natural hair Treatment that will not damage or clog your hair…It smells quite lovely too! It has a reassuring, Earthy, herbally smell …no man made substances here! A wonderfully natural product with zero toxins!

How to make Rosemary Water

When I tell you this Rosemary water is easy to make, i’m not Kidding! Got Rosemary? Got Water? Great, Your good to go! That’s it, 2 simple ingredients for maximum hair health! So let’s get cracking….

What You’ll Need to Make Rosemary Water

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A Pan with a lid

Cheese Cloth or Sieve

Spray Bottle

Fresh Rosemary Sprigs


Rosemary Water Recipe Ingredients

Enough to fill 6 x 100 ml Spray Bottles or 1 large Spray Bottle

  • 650 mls water
  • 4-5 Sprigs of Rosemary


  • Place the water and Rosemary Sprigs in a Pan and bring to the boil
  • Allow it to boil for around 5 minutes and stir.
  • Cover the pan with a lid and reduce the heat to low.
  • Allow to simmer for around 20 minutes
  • Take of the heat and keep the pan covered, allow the rosemary leaves to remain in the water to steep for at least 2 hours . *We want the water to draw as much oil as possible from the Rosemary Leaves

  • Once cooled sieve the mixture, separating the leaves from the liquid. The Rosemary Water Will Have A tea-like colour
  • Transfer to a spray bottle and keep in the fridge or a cool place for up to 5 weeks before making another batch

Rosemary Water

3 Ways To Use Rosemary Water

1. On Dry Hair-Spritz Lightly on to dry hair, then brush through from root to ends

2. On Wet Hair– Apply to wet hair after washing, comb through and dry your hair as usual

3. Use As a Hair Rinse– Use as Part of Your Hair washing Routine! Simply wash your hair with shampoo as normal, then spray your entire scalp and hair with Rosemary Water, soaking it completely. Leave on for around 10 minutes, rinse out then dry hair as normal

How Often Should You Use Rosemary water?

The key is to use Rosemary Water regularly. I’ve found the sweet spot is 2-3 times per week, but if you get into the habit of giving your hair a light spritz everyday as part of your daily hair care routine…you’ll begin to see results in no time! I start noticing results after 1 month but it can take longer.

Why does My hair feel dry immediately after using it ?

That’s the astringent tannins at work! The dry feeling will have resolved by the time your hair dries. What are Astringent Tannins? They are bitter plant polyphenols that either bind and precipitate or shrink proteins facilitating the tightening of the surface of the scalp and hair follicles, this strengthens the follicles grasp on each hair. Making Your hair Stronger, smoother and shinier!

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