How To Save Nasturtium Seeds

One of the easiest seeds to harvest and save are the unusual looking seeds of the Nasturtium Plant. You need only buy Nasturtium Seeds Once! These Beautiful plants provide years of seeds after their season has ended. Learn How to save money and save seeds! Here’s how I do it…

How to save Nasturtium Seeds

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Tumbling Beauties!

Ah the Nasturtium Plant! Delightfully flamboyant and Vibrant Nasturtiums have bright green leaves and vivid blooms. I declare them…the show offs’ of the garden! Whether they are sprawled on the ground or tumbling from pots these wonderful bouncy flowers are a permanent summer fixture in my vegetable garden. Read my How To Grow and Use Nasturtium in your Garden post for the benefits and usefulness of Nasturtiums.

What Do Nasturtium Seeds Look Like?

In a word…Odd! They remind me a little of Tiny Brains! Possibly the most unattractive seeds I have come across, yet they produce the most enchanting flowers…What do they say? Never Judge a book by its cover!

How To Save Nasturtium Seeds

When To Harvest Nasturtium Seeds

Collect plump nasturtium seeds in late Summer or Early Autumn.

How To Harvest Nasturtium Seeds

You can save Nasturtium Seeds by plucking them from the plant, the seeds are in the center of the now wilted or absent flowers. The light green wrinkled seeds are usually in clusters of 2, 3 or 4. *Only pick Nasturtium seeds from the plant if they fall away easily, if they are reluctant to move, or you have to pull or tug, leave them on the plant a little longer…they are not ready.

You can also collect them from the ground, Nasturtium seeds disperse readily at the end of the growing season. Scattering lots of tiny wrinkled seeds all over the undergrowth. Nasturtium seeds can be harvested while still Green, as long as they have a lovely plump appearance they are fine.

How To Dry Nasturtium seeds

You may find some of the Nasturtium seeds you picked are already dry and have a brown shrivelled appearance. For those that are still green, you need to dry them out thoroughly before storing. To Dry Nasturtium Seeds, spread them out on Paper or Newspaper, place in a dark, dry environment and allow them to dry out and turn brown…this should take around 1-2 weeks.

How To Save Nasturtium Seeds

How to Store Nasturtium Seeds

Once the seeds are completely dry, store them in a glass Jar or Envelope paper envelope. Please don’t store them in a plastic bag, this can invite inadequate air circulation and encourage mould to form. Keep in a coo, dark environment for sowing in the Spring.

Want To Grow Nasturtiums For the First Time?

Here are some Nasturtium Varieties I recommend…

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Tom Thumb Nasturtium (Bush Variety)

Gleam Mixed Nasturtiums (Trailing)

Jewel Of Africa Nasturtiums (Climbing)

Did You Know Nasturtium seeds are edible?

Known as the poor man’s caper, these unusual seeds are delicious too! See my How To Grow and Use Nasturtium in your Garden for the Recipe. FYI the flowers and leaves are edible too!

Do Nasturtiums Self Seed?

Yes! With Vigour! Nasturtiums are very reliable self seeders, if left to their own devices they will scatter their seeds and pop up again the following year. If your a go with the flow kinda gardener then great! Let them pop up where they may! However, if you prefer to choose the exact location of your Nasturtiums..Keep on top of the deadheading or collect Nasturtium seeds for sowing by hand the following year.

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