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What is Oh Homely Girl About?

Every blog has a Niche, a hook, a specialised theme that encapsulates the essence of the content readers expect to find. Is it a Food Blog? A Gardening Blog? A Home and DIY Blog?… I find it difficult to say my blog is primarily focused on ‘this’ or ‘that’ topic because from Baking, to Gardening, to DIYing, to Crafting, Flower Arranging, homegrown remedies and Decorating– all these areas that I enjoy experiencing and sharing with you all, co exist under the same umbrella. The clue is in the title…


My blog is ‘Homely’ – simple, unpretentious and comforting, if a warm hug can be communicated in words and pictures, I hope to achieve that. The food and flowers I grow on my Allotment, the bakes that fill the tummy’s of my family, the Budget Friendly Crafts and DIY Sheds! All of these things contribute to what it means to be Homely – a self sufficient, unassuming, simplistic, rewarding way to live. Homely cannot be conveyed by one element but by many.

Here’s what I love

I love to make do and mend. I love to watch a seed grow and become something beautiful. I absolutely adore throwing a bunch of ingredients in a bowl and feeding my family. I re-use, repurpose and recycle! I build Award winning Sheds! , I make homegrown healing potions for everyday ailments. These are the things that make me happy! And isn’t that what its all about? So if you’d like to live a Homely lifestyle too, make a cup of tea, snuggle down and have a good read, there’s plenty to go at!


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